Arthur Rivers

“If my music puts a smile on your face and makes you feel good, then I’ve done my part to make the world a better place.”
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Arthur Rivers - No Man's Land // Official Music Video
Life - Arthur Rivers
Summer at the Sea



Foto: Johannes Linkor

“Blessed is he who expects nothing,
for he shall never be disappointed.”
Alexander Pope

Arthur is an accomplished Musician and soulful Singer/Songwriter based in Switzerland and Germany. His dual ability to dabble in both acoustic and electronic soundscapes sets him apart. On a mission to make his audiences smile and enjoy life as much as he does, Arthur’s music charms, enlightens and delights a varied audience the world over.


Hailing from Kazakhstan, and raised in Germany as the son of a music Professor, it was only natural that music would become Arthur’s lifelong ‘partner in crime’. 

With his ukulele in hand, Arthur has traversed a dynamic career path, spanning several countries over almost a decade.  He has been a Chemist and an Audi Test Driver in Germany, a Bartender in Australia, Tree Planter in Canada, and a Cinematographer in Switzerland.  Over the years, Arthur’s music-making has harmonised with his diverse life experiences, making his beats real, raw and relatable.



Arthur’s graceful groove is indie/folk/blues-infused, making his work timeless treats for his audience. Uniquely, he also enjoys creating electronic indie/alternative music that often conflicts with his easy-listening line-up but complements a deeper side of his soul.  

Known for his positive vibes both on and off the stage, his carefree attitude is emulated in his tunes that transcend themes of love, hope, journey, struggle, relationships and self-reflection. Sometimes, described as blissful bonfire music, Arthur’s music is a raw reflection of a life well-lived. He attributes his inspiration to traveling for over four years to almost every continent of the world and thriving on the meeting of minds in different places.


Drawing inspiration from his own life experiences as well as influences such as Shakey Graves, and Mat McHugh, he hopes that his music helps others to break free from their own barriers and be who they want to be.

When he is not writing music that seduces souls and steals hearts, he is probably making beautiful art videos, hiking mountains, or visiting volcanos.

His real guilty pleasure is surfing, which ignites his creative flow and ironically, keeps him ‘balanced’.

He is currently working on a new album called "The Sky is No Man's Land". A deeper reflection of his spiritual journey and the discovery of the depths of his soul. It's a multi-genre album that combines folky acoustic elements with experimental electronic sounds and creates this challenging listening experience. The variety of songs on this album is a fusion of folk, electronica, world music, pop, and Lo-Fi combined with elements from Rock, Big Band, Singer-Songwriter, and Instrumental Beats.


"No Man's Land" is about his musical path and the ups and downs of being a DIY musician and producer. This song was inspired by the soundtrack of "Death Stranding" and the band "Low Roar". It's a beautiful piano piece with soothing Olafur violins and some experimental futuristic vocals. The song sets a melancholy futuristic mood with dreamy atmospheric soundscapes, deep sub-basses, and synthesizer sound to break the song from an alternative/indie song into an electronica/dream pop song.

“If my music puts a smile on your face and makes you feel good, then I’ve done my part to make the world a better place.”
Arthur Rivers